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Trophy Care

     Trophy care is a must to obtain the best possible mount.  Proper care in the field will achieve this.  If you can, visit us before you go on your hunt, so we can instruct you on proper caping instructions.  Below is our recommendations and guidelines to follow.




                  Diagram  1                    Diagram  2                      Diagram  3                    Diagram 4   



                                   Diagram  5                     Diagram  6                   Diagram  7


Diagram 1 - Make a cut on the backside of the leg where the brown and white hair meet.  Start at the knee joint and follow it to the arm pit.

Diagram 2 - Cut around the knee

Diagram 3 - Make a body cut about a foot behind the front legs all the way around the body.  Then connect the cut in the arm pit to the body cut.

Diagram 4 - Start skinning hide from the leg. 

Diagram 5 - Continue removing the skin being careful around the arm pit area.

Diagram 6 - Skin down the neck to the base of the skull.

Diagram 7 - Remove the head and hide at the base of the skull.




     Again, care in the field is a must.  Badly shot up birds, because of the skin structure, can make them impossible to repair.  Never gut a bird.

     If it cannot be brought in right away, place in plastic bag, being careful to keep the feathers straight, then freeze.



     Take the same precautions in the field as in game heads.  We recommend that you talk to us before you hunt to get proper skinning instructions to insure the best possible mount.



     After fish is caught, keep separate from other fish so it won't get scarred or fins torn.  Do not gut fish.  If it cannot be brought in right away, wrap in cloth or paper towel, wet fish in towel and place in plastic bag.  Then freeze, being careful not to fold or bend fins.  Once frozen, handle it with great care as fins are very fragile.



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