Lewon's Taxidermy, (402) 337-0077, is located at 108 W. Kemp in Randolph, NE.  Lewon's Taxidermy has a 3000 square foot studio with 2 full time taxidermists, Brian Lewon (owner) and his son Kevin.  They have 56 years combined experience.  Competing at the World, International, National and State level, they have won over 100 awards.

     This site is dedicated to showing Brian & Kevin's taxidermy craftsmanship.  They  take great pride in their award winning quality which stands out from the rest.   You will see the detail Brian & Kevin put into the mounts.  To enhance the mounts, you can add habitat whether it is a simple dirt and grass looking base to replicate the area you harvested the animal to a cluster of rocks to hang on the wall or set on the floor.  Also, feel free to stop by the studio to see the showroom if you are ever in the area. 

Before going out on that Hunting or Fishing trip, remember to print off a copy of Lewon's Trophy Care page so you can take it with you.  The page contains proper ways to handle your trophy to ensure a good mount.